Disney 2017

Big Red is heading to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida!

Trip dates: Saturday, November 18th, through Wednesday, November 22nd (the Saturday to Wednesday before Thanksgiving).
Trip cost: $975 + airfare (estimate: $400). Two meals/day are included in the cost. You can anticipate daily expenses (lunch, snacks, souvenirs, and so on) of approximately $35.

The band will march somewhere in the park on Sunday. The exact location is up to Disney.

Tagalong packages packages are available.

Registration: Register online and make payments at the Peak Performance Tours website. Registrations and first payments are due by Friday, February 17th. The second payment of $400 is due May 18th. Visit the Trip registration and payment page for details.

Chaperones: If you are interested in being a chaperone, please contact Mr. Tucker at atucker@soudertonsd.org *and* Mrs. Tink at guard@soudertonbigred.org.

Truck driver: We need one more person to help drive the Big Red truck to Orlando and back. If you are interested in driving, contact Frank Falbo at directatlarge@soudertonbigred.org. Experience in loading and driving the truck is preferred. Drivers will have a different schedule than the band.

More information will be posted as it becomes available. Stay tuned for details regarding the final itinerary, airfare, dietary needs, and more.

Documents from the 1/18 Disney Trip Information Meeting

Big Red Marching Band—Commitment Contract 2017 (Fillable MS Word Form) (PDF)
All members of the BRMB need to turn in a signed Commitment Contract each year. You can turn in your completed contract to Mr. Tucker as early as 1/18; it must be received by Friday, June 2nd.

BRMB Disney Trip 2017–Welcome Letter & Code of Conduct (PDF)
Read this document closely. It contains important information about the effect that future disciplinary actions could have on a student’s ability to go on this trip.

BRMB Disney Trip 2017–Itinerary (Not Final) (not final) (PDF)
Though this itinerary is a work-in-progress, it will give you a good understanding of what you will do while you are in Orlando.

BRMB Disney Trip 2017–Hotel Code of Conduct (PDF)
The name says it all. The hotel has rules.