Disney 2017

Big Red is heading to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida!

Trip dates: Saturday, November 18th, through Wednesday, November 22nd (the Saturday to Wednesday before Thanksgiving).
Trip cost: $975 + airfare (estimate: $400). Two meals/day are included in the cost. You can anticipate daily expenses (lunch, snacks, souvenirs, and so on) of approximately $35.

The band will march somewhere in the park on Sunday. The exact location is up to Disney.

Tagalong packages packages are available.

Registration: Register online and make payments at the Peak Performance Tours website. Registrations and first payments are due by Friday, February 17th. The second payment of $400 is due May 18th. Visit the Trip registration and payment page for details.

Payment and applying Student Credit towards payments

Visit the Trip registration and payment page for details.

Truck driver: We need one more person to help drive the Big Red truck to Orlando and back. If you are interested in driving, contact Frank Falbo at directoratlarge@soudertonbigred.org. Experience in loading and driving the truck is preferred. Drivers will have a different schedule than the band.

More information will be posted as it becomes available. Stay tuned for details regarding the final itinerary, airfare, dietary needs, and more.

Documents from the 1/18 Disney Trip Information Meeting

Big Red Marching Band—Commitment Contract 2017 (Fillable MS Word Form) (PDF)
All members of the BRMB need to turn in a signed Commitment Contract each year. You can turn in your completed contract to Mr. Tucker as early as 1/18; it must be received by Friday, June 2nd.

BRMB Disney Trip 2017–Welcome Letter & Code of Conduct (PDF)
Read this document closely. It contains important information about the effect that future disciplinary actions could have on a student’s ability to go on this trip.

BRMB Disney Trip 2017–Itinerary (preliminary) (PDF)
Though this itinerary is a work-in-progress, it will give you a good understanding of what you will do while you are in Orlando.

BRMB Disney Trip 2017–Hotel Code of Conduct (PDF)
The name says it all. The hotel has rules.