Trip registration and payment

At this time, you can register students for the trip. You can sign up for tagalong packages in approximately one month.

If you any problems, contact the Peak Performance office at (800) 220-0165.  Anyone in the office can assist you.

To Register

    1. Go to
    2. At the top right hand corner, you will see “Register For Your Tour Here”, click on it.
    3. Then Click on “Tour Participant Login”
    4. Next Click on “Create an Account”
    5. You will the be asked for a “Tour Code”  – type in 18SOUDEORL (students) or 18SOUDORLTAG (for a tagalong package)
    6. You will be asked to create a Email Address and Password, as well as other contact information.
    7. After completing this information, click on “Register” and you will be taken to the trip information.

To register more than one person: Complete the entire registration process, including payment, then click the “Add another person” button to start the registration process for the second person.

Payment Schedule

If you purchase the optional trip insurance, that amount will be added to the first payment.

Amount Due Date
$150   2/17/2017
$400    05/18/2017
$400    08/18/2017
$425    10/04/2017