Where can I find a schedule of events for Souderton’s performances?
A schedule of all events and rehearsals can be found on the Calendar page.

Where do I go to access forms to fill out?
You can find, download, and print all forms on the Files page.

Where do I find information on how to contact a member of the BRBB?
Visit the Contact Us page to find contact information.

Where can I find driving directions to away competitions and football games?
Directions are included in the event information on the Calendar.

    1. Go to the Calendar.
    2. Find the away game or competition.
    3. Click on the event name. This takes you to a page that has details about the event, including the address, a map, and a link to Google Maps.

Band camp occurs over dinner.  Do I send dinner with my student?
Yes, except on evenings when you’re notified that the BRBB will be providing dinner.

How can I get involved with the BRBB?
Go to the Volunteer page to learn all about our volunteer opportunities and how to get in on the fun.