• Big Red Marching Band—Commitment Contract 2017 (Fillable MS Word Form) (PDF)
    All members of the BRMB need to turn in a signed Commitment Contract each year. You can turn in your completed contract to Mr. Tucker as early as 1/18; it must be received by Friday, June 2nd.
  • Marching Band Calendar 2017-2018 (PDF)
  • 2017 Mother’s Day Flower Sale: Inventory sheet: Descriptions and pictures of the plants available for purchase.
  • 2017 Mother’s Day Flower Sale: Order Summary Form: This is where you enter how many of each kind of plant you’ve sold. You’ll turn in this form, along with the payment for all of the plants, to the Red Box.
  • 2017 Mother’s Day Flower Sale: Order Spreadsheet: This is what you to keep track of who purchased what plant. Keep this form! You’ll need it when you’ve picked up your plants.