Wreath Sale

Questions? Email wreaths@soudertonbigred.org.

A Souderton Tradition ...

Each fall, the BRBB sells evergreen wreaths. The wreaths are usually available in November. Dates, times, and locations are listed on the forms.

These are beautiful holiday wreaths with berries, pinecones, and a big red bow, just perfect for your front door for the holidays… your friends, family, and teachers will enjoy supporting you and the band this way. 

The price of a wreath is just $20.

Why should I sell wreaths?

Both you and the band will get fundraising dollars for each wreath sold.

Student credit is $3-$5 per wreath depending on the band’s total volume of sales. That translates to money you can spend on BRBB-approved expenses, such as the BRBB participation fee, trips, and director-mandated uniform components.

How do I sell them?

Friends and family orders are collected on the two-page Order Summary Form. These orders/money are due Nov. 8th to the Red Box.

Faculty/Staff orders are collected on the small (half-page) Faculty & Staff Order Form, and they go in the Red Box too.

Where do I get sales?

Feel free to post the sale on Facebook! This has been the best way to get tons of sales.

Thank you! Your participation in this sale is huge – no matter if you sell 1 wreath, 25 wreaths, or 200 wreaths! The band appreciates your efforts. Remember, this is your way to fundraise, for yourself and for the band.

**In 2018, the band sold 579 wreaths. 

2019 Wreath Sale Timeline

October 4 – Sale Begins

November 8 – Orders Due

November 27 – Pick-Up Day, 4:00-8:00 pm*

*Pickups can be arranged for the weekend as well if the 27th doesn’t work for you

December 2 – Pick-up for SASD Staff at SAHS