Uniform highlights

Is there a document that tells me nearly everything I would ever want to know about uniforms?
Why, yes, there is! The Uniform Care Guide. Please review it, then complete and turn in the annual Uniform Agreement.

Color guard uniforms change each year; because of this, much of the information about guard uniforms will come from the Head Color Guard Instructor. Guard students do need to review the Uniform Care Guide and turn in the annual Uniform Agreement.

What uniform items are assigned to me? 
Log in to Charms from a browser, then click the “Stuff” icon (it looks like a suitcase). Your uniform assignments will be displayed there. (The Charms Blue mobile app does not show the uniform assignments.)

When they go out and when they come back...

Issuance of Uniforms – Uniforms are usually sent home either after the Parent Preview or after the first football game on Friday.

Return of Uniforms – This year, the band will wear uniforms for the National Memorial Day Parade in Washington, DC. Returns will follow the trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

It will be either after the Parent Preview or after the first football game on Friday.

Return dates can vary each year, depending on the indoor season schedules, and whether the band will wear uniforms for spring events.

The BRBB collects an annual Participation Fee per student.
(The BRBB does not collect a specific uniform fee, but in the past people sometimes referred to the Participation Fee as a “uniform fee”.)

Each student must use a garment bag to carry their uniform. You can use any garment bag you wish. If you don’t already have one, you can buy a garment bag from the Band Store at that Parent Information Meeting. The bags are inexpensive (under $20) and will have “Big Red Marching Band” printed on them.

The marching uniforms have four pieces: a tunic, pants, a raincoat, and a shako (hat). Every piece has a number. We keep track of the numbers.

You can use a piece of masking tape (low-adhesive) as a name tag inside your uniform. Do NOT use labels or a high-adhesive tape. These don’t come off easily and will leave a residue behind.

Many students like to “decorate” their shako boxes with ribbons or a low-adhesive tape (think masking tape). It makes it easier to quickly identify their box. Do not write your name on the inside of your shako. You can use a piece of masking tape to label the inside of the shako, but no duck tape or labels (they don’t come off.) Tying a ribbon on the handle is a good way to mark your shako box.

Dinkles/Guard Shoes/Member shirts/Gloves/Wristbands: They all look alike! Write your name somewhere so that you know which one is yours. This is a good idea for spirit wear as well.

Any needed hemming changes will be taken care of by the BRBB. We will take bibs and tunics to Alterations by Nadia in Souderton.

See the Uniform Care Guide.

Shoes to wear at camp and practices: Wear sneakers or running shoes. Your feet will thank you. Converse/Chuck Taylors/Vans are not good choices for marching.

Color Guard: The Color Guard Instructor will give you shoe information.

Musicians & Drum Majors: For games, competitions, parades where you wear the band uniform: You’ll get some great marching band shoes, aka “Dinkles”. A uniform company representative will measure you during Band Camp.

Do you need new shoes? A uniform company representative will measure you during the regular Band Camp.

The shoes will be delivered to the school. The BRBB will collect the payment for the shoes at the Parent Information Meeting. The price can vary, but is typically in the mid- to upper-$30s.

Orthotics/shoe inserts: If you wear orthotics or some other type of shoe inserts, be sure to have them with you when your feet are measured at band camp.

Shako boxes go through a lot and sometimes they don’t want to stay together any more. When this happens, you can wrap a Velcro strap around the hinges and/or the handle. Many of the boxes already have straps on them. If you need a strap, ask anyone on the Uniform committee.

Yes. Each musician will need:

  • Plumes: Everyone who wears a shako will use a plume. You don’t keep the plumes, though; they are handed out before games and competitions and returned to the band room after games/competitions.
  • Shoes. See Shoes, above.
  • (2) black band member shirts. You wear these shirts at each band event. Buy them from the Band Store (they’ll be available during the Parent Information Meeting). The cost varies from year to year, but is approximately $11-$15.
  • White gloves. Brass and woodwinds. Ask your section’s Captain for details. You’ll want to have at least (2) pairs and quite possibly more. (They’re easy to lose.) Buy them from the Band Store. The cost varies, but is typically less than $5/pair.
  • Black wrist bands. Battery; Pit: ask the Pit Instructor. Ask your section’s Captain for details. You’ll want to have at least (2) pairs and quite possibly more. (They’re easy to lose.) Buy them from the Band Store. The cost varies, but is about $8.
  • Non-bulky shorts or leggings to wear under the uniform pants. No sweat pants!
  • Black socks. Any kind, as long they are completely black and come up to at least mid-shin.
  • On cold nights, you may want to wear a thermal layer. You can wear any kind, but it can’t be visible (for example, no turtle necks).
  • Hand warmers – completely optional, but they are nice when the nights are cold. We don’t have them in the Band Store, but they are easy to find at many stores.

Yes. Each color guard students will need:

Shoes. See Shoes, above.
Gloves. The cost varies, but figure on approximately $15/pair.

The Color Guard Instructor will tell you what, if anything, else that you will need.

Yep. Please no. And yep.

  • Make checks out to “BRBB”. Write the student’s name and the purpose (for example, “participation fee”, “shoes”, “band store”) in the Memo line. If you are paying for more than one student or for more than one fee, note that.
  • While checks are preferred, cash may be accepted.
  • Student Credit can be used for required fees and “director-mandated uniform components”, which includes shoes, gloves, wrist bands, and other required uniform items. For more information, see the Scrip and Student Credit page.

Fittings for the 2019-20 Big Red Marching Band

Find custom instructions by clicking on the tab below which best fits your situation.

Students will be measured for guard shoes and raincoats during Band Camp.
Show and parade uniforms: Miss Fisher will give you information about fittings.

Shoes (a.k.a., Dinkles): During band camp. New students and anyone who needs new Dinkles will be measured by a representative from Final Touch, our uniform vendor.

Tunics and bibs: Preliminary fittings happened over the summer. Final fittings will take place during the first two days of band camp.
Again this year: All tunics and bibs that need hem changes will be sent to Alterations by Nadia. Families will not be required to make their own hemming changes.

Raincoats: During band camp.
Shakos: During band camp.