2018 Wreath Sale

A Souderton Tradition …

These are beautiful holiday wreaths with berries, pinecones, and a big red bow, just perfect for your front door for the holidays… your friends, family, and teachers will enjoy supporting you and the band this way. 

The price of a wreath is just $20.

Why should I sell wreaths?

Both you and the band will get fundraising dollars for each wreath sold. Student credit is $5 per wreath. That translates to money you can spend on BRBB-approved expenses, such as the BRBB participation fee, trips, and director-mandated uniform components.

How do I sell them?

  • Friends and family orders are collected on the 2-page Order Summary Form. These orders/money are due Nov. 2nd to the Red Box.
  • Faculty/Staff orders are collected on the small (half-page) Faculty & Staff Order Form, and they go in the Red Box too. (Faculty and staff can also turn orders in to the box outside of Mr. Freda’s office.)

Where do I get sales?

Feel free to post the sale on Facebook! This has been the best way to get tons of sales.

Thank you!  Your participation in this sale is huge – no matter if you sell 1 wreath, 25 wreaths, or 200 wreaths! The band appreciates your efforts. Remember, this is your way to fundraise, for yourself and for the band.

Timeline for 2018 Wreath Sale


Email wreaths@soudertonbigred.org.

Find general information about our annual wreath sale here.