• 2015 Big Red Marching Band --- Photo Credit: Bill Schloo

Souderton Big Red

The BRBB—Big Red Band Boosters, Inc.—is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization. Read more about us.

Restaurant Nights: Texas Roadhouse, Tuesday & Wednesday, 5/3 and 5/4

Texas Roadhouse will donate 10% of your food purchase to the BRBB on 5/3 and 5/4. You must bring the Fundraising Flyer with you. See the Fundraising page for details. Use ScripNow to raise even more $.

BRBB Parent Meeting, Officer Elections, Duck Derby Planning: Monday, 5/2, 7pm, room A119—We Need Everyone!

The next General Membership meeting of the BRBB is this Monday, 5/2 @ 7pm. Officers for the 2016-17 school year will be elected tonight (scroll down for details).

The third Duck Derby planning meeting will be held immediately following the general membership meeting. We need you to help plan this event! The Duck Derby is a huge fundraiser for us and the more people who help to plan and publicize this event, the better it will be.

2016 Flower Sale: Order pickup is Saturday, 5/7

It’s that time again! BRBB’s annual flower sale, just in time for Mother’s Day. For pickup details, visit the Fundraising page.

2016-17 New Members: Sign up for the e-mail list

Are you planning to join the Big Red Marching Band and Color Guard for the 2016-17 school year? You can sign up now for our e-mail list. Most information is sent out via e-mail, so being on the list helps you get the information you need for this summer’s Mini Band Camp, Band Camp, and Band Uniform distributions. To sign up, send an e-mail to webmaster@soudertonbigred.org and include: parent name and e-mail address, student name and e-mail address, and the group you’re planning to join.

2016-17 School Year: BRBB Elections!

The now-complete slate of potential BRBB officers for the 2016-17 school year:

President: Marie Allen
First Vice President: Georgia Myers
Second Vice President: Becky Sell
Secretary: Kelly Mowery
Treasurer: Anne Marie Resnick
Director-at-Large: Frank Falbo

In an event destined to be more fun than That Other Election, we will elect the new officers at the next general membership meeting of the BRBB: Monday, May 2nd at 7pm in the Band Room.

Questions? Contact our First Vice President, Georgia Myers, at v-pres@soudertonbigred.org.

Indoor Ensembles

The 2016 indoor season has ended. Forte Winter Guard and Encore! Indoor Percussion will return Sunday evening, 5/1, from their trip to the TIA Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Championships in Wildwood, NJ.

Marching Band Uniforms: Returns #2, Friday, May 6th, 3-5:30pm

New this year: The marching band will not wear the formal marching uniforms in the 2016 Memorial Day Parade.

Seniors: All parts of your uniform must be returned to the school in order for you to graduate.

On May 6th: Bring your uniform to the Band Room

  • Tunic and pants. Dry clean, except for the snap-on neck band in the tunic. Take this out, hand wash it, then snap it back in after the tunic is dry-cleaned. This way, it cannot be lost during dry-cleaning. (In which case, you would have to purchase a new neck band.)
  • Raincoat. Machine wash your raincoat (Need directions? Read the Uniform Care Guide)
  • Shako and shako box.
  • Repairs? Do any repairs need to be made to your uniform, shako, or shako box? Tell us!
  • Hanger. Return the wooden hanger(s) that you were given in August. There is a $5 fee for every hanger that doesn’t come back.
  • Tag. Did you receive a tag (long, rectangular, on pink cardstock and with a wire loop) with your uniform last August? If so, it has your uniform numbers on it. Take a moment to look at those numbers and the numbers on your uniform pieces. If any number is different, tell us when you return it. Oh, and return the tag, too!
  • Color Guard: Wash and return your raincoat. (Need directions? Read the Uniform Care Guide.) The guard marching uniforms can be washed at home in the gentle cycle. Follow all other instructions from Mrs. Tink for your uniforms.

Questions? Contact Eileen Solomon at galaxy795@comcast.net or Barbara Mack at bmack00@comcast.net.

Raise $$ … and then raise some more without doing anything extra 🙂

If you haven’t signed up for our ShopWithScrip program yet, you’re missing out on one of the simplest ways to raise $$ for the marching band, indoor percussion, and winter guard programs.

If you’re a confirmed ShopWithScripper, did you know that you can effortlessly increase the amount raised? Use scrip when you:

  • Order from Domino’s of Souderton on Dough Raising Days.
  • Use AmazonSmile.

You raise $$ when you purchase Domino’s and Amazon scrip. They kick in more when you use it. For details, visit our Fundraising page.

Using Student Credit or Scrip

You can use Student Credit or funds in your Scrip account to pay for certain expenses.

Student Credit: Students accumulate student credit through specific fundraising opportunities held during the year. When students participate in a designated fundraiser, they are allocated a certain portion of the profit from the fundraiser. These funds are simply an allocation of internal BRBB funds and will not be paid out to students or families under any circumstances. The allocation can only be used to pay for trips, the BRBB participation fee, and director-mandated uniform components.

Scrip: A Scrip account is similar to Student Credit, but: it is funded via rebates you receive from making Scrip purchases, it is your money, and it is not limited as to its use.

Student Credit and Scrip allocations are maintained by the BRBB Treasurer and posted monthly on the filing cabinet outside of the band director’s office, above the Red Box.

To use student credit or Scrip funds, submit the appropriate Request form:

  • Paper copies are in a plastic sleeve on the side of the filing cabinet by the Red Box in the Band room.
  • PDF forms are available on the Downloads page.
About volunteer clearances

For detailed information, read the new BRMB Volunteer Clearances Guide. Two versions (one is short, the other has lots of details) are posted on our Downloads page. You should also visit the SASD Volunteers page.

Volunteer clearance requirements, in a nutshell:

  • Every volunteer—both Casual and Program—needs to turn in the 2015-16 SASD Community Volunteer Registration and Disclosure Statement.
  • As of the 2015-16 school year, all Program Volunteers need to turn in the Act 151 Child Abuse clearance and the Act 34 Criminal History Report. Both of these clearances are now free for volunteers and can both be completed online.
  • All Program Volunteers need to have a PPD test on file with the District.
  • Some Program Volunteers also need to submit a Federal Criminal History Record; this clearance requires fingerprinting and has a cost of $27.

What’s New?

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