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The BRBB—Big Red Band Boosters, Inc.—is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization. Read more about us.

Drum Majors Sara Mack and Matt Gargano at the 2015 Homecoming Game
Drum Majors Sara Mack and Matt Gargano at the 2015 Homecoming Game
2015 SAHS Homecoming: Congratulations!

Congratulations to SAHS Big Red Marching Band Drum Majors Matt Gargano and Sara Mack, the newly-crowned Homecoming King and Queen!

2015 SAHS Homecoming King and Queen
2015 SAHS Homecoming King and Queen
Volunteers Needed: Saturday, 10/10—Additional Middle Red and Truck Crew needed for the Nazareth Competition

We are in desperate need for more help (manual labor) with both the Truck Crew and the Middle Red Crew.

The crews load and unload the Big Red Truck and help to get equipment onto and off of the field.

At competitions, each band is allotted a specific number of minutes. Everything the band does—getting onto the field, setting up, warming up, performing, and then getting themselves, their instruments, and their equipment, off of the field—must be done in that time. Anything extra, and the band can be penalized. That means losing points. :-(

If you’re up to it :-), sign up, and help get this done! We can use extra hands, so if the SignUp looks full, contact Mike Rafter at directatlarge@soudertonbigred.org to see if more help would be appreciated.

Double your Dough: Use ScripNow or Scrip on Dough Raising Days

Did you know that you can fund your student’s Scrip account, get a local business to donate to the BRBB, and avoid cooking all at the same time?

    1. If you don’t already have one: Set up a Scrip account! (Go to the Downloads page for instructions.)
    2. Buy Domino’s ScripNow or Scrip. (Remember, ScripNow is electronic and near-instant; Scrip—a plastic gift card—will take about a week to arrive.)
    3. Order from Domino’s on the first Monday of every month! (read this to get the code)

Domino’s of Souderton donates 20% of your purchase to the BRBB. ShopWithScrip gives a rebate of 8% for Domino’s scrip. Spend $25 on a Dough Raising purchase and this is what happens: $5 goes directly to the BRBB from Domino’s; the ShopWithScrip rebate is $2. Of that, 40¢ goes the BRBB and $1.60 ends up in your Scrip account.

Not impressed? Let’s do the math:
We have 80 families, plus staff. If just 10 families (that’s not even one-eighth of our membership) placed a $25 order every month, then we’d have …
$50 … from Domino’s to the BRBB
$4 … from ShopWithScrip to the BRBB
$1.60 … from ShopWithScrip to each family, for a total of $16

Over a calendar year, those seemingly teeny, tiny purchases would result in deposits of $648 for the BRBB and $192 for family Scrip accounts.

Dear Cathy, Moni, Marie, Georgia, Mike, Linda, Eileen, and the entire BRBB:

Thank you for hosting an outstanding Celebration of Bands Show this past Saturday night. The marching band staff and I were blown away by how many people were in the stands!

I spoke to almost every Cavalcade judge and several marching band directors and their staffs, and they all told me the same thing. “Your facility is amazing and your parents have been so great to us!”

Thank you for all that you do. Have a great week.

Stephen L. Straka

USBands Pennsylvania State Championships: Discounted tickets now available

DATE: October 31st
WHERE: West Chester University Farrell Stadium (more competition information here)

The BRBB has 70 discounted tickets available at $15 each ($20 at the door) and then an additional 30 that we will sell at $20.

To buy advance tickets, contact Georgia Myers at v-pres@soudertonbigred.org. Make checks payable to the BRBB. Tickets will be available at the competition for $20.

Changes to our gift card fundraising program: All gift cards are now sold via the Scrip program

For information on how to buy the “local” gift cards using ShopWithScrip: go to the Fundraising page.
To sign up for ShopWithScrip: go to the Downloads page and look for the ShopWithScrip Fundraiser documents.

SignUps are now available: Volunteer now for meals, games, and competitions

Go to the Volunteer page to find the link to this season’s SignUp.

Uniform care

Visit the Downloads page for the Uniform Care Guide and Hemming Instructions.

About those white gloves: Some of the white gloves in the Band Store this year are shorter than the gloves from other years. Mr. Straka is aware of this and says it is fine; no one needs to worry about the length of their gloves.

Using Student Credit or Scrip

You can use Student Credit or funds in your Scrip account to pay for certain expenses.

Student Credit: Students accumulate student credit through specific fundraising opportunities held during the year. When students participate in a designated fundraiser, they are allocated a certain portion of the profit from the fundraiser. These funds are simply an allocation of internal BRBB funds and will not be paid out to students or families under any circumstances. The allocation can only be used to pay for trips, the BRBB participation fee, and director-mandated uniform components.

Scrip: A Scrip account is similar to Student Credit, but: it is funded via rebates you receive from making Scrip purchases, it is your money, and it is not limited as to its use.

Student Credit and Scrip allocations are maintained by the BRBB Treasurer and posted monthly on the filing cabinet outside of the band director’s office, above the Red Box.

To use student credit or Scrip funds, submit the appropriate Request form:

  • Paper copies are in a plastic sleeve on the side of the filing cabinet by the Red Box in the Band room.
  • PDF forms are available on the Downloads page.
About volunteer clearances

For detailed information, read the new BRMB Volunteer Clearances Guide. Two versions (one is short, the other has lots of details) are posted on our Downloads page. You can also visit the SASD Volunteers page.

Volunteer clearance requirements, in a nutshell:

  • Every volunteer—both Casual and Program—needs to turn in the 2015-16 SASD Community Volunteer Registration and Disclosure Statement.
  • As of the 2015-16 school year, all Program Volunteers do need to turn in the Act 151 Child Abuse clearance and the Act 34 Criminal History Report. Both of these clearances are now free for volunteers and can both be completed online.
  • All Program Volunteers need to have a PPD test on file with the District.
  • Some Program Volunteers also need to submit a Federal Criminal History Record; this clearance requires fingerprinting and has a cost of $27.

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