How to Volunteer

Before you volunteer, you must fulfill the SASD volunteer requirements. BRBB volunteers are considered “Program Volunteers.” Program Volunteers shall be required to renew these clearances every 60 months.

Visit the SASD Volunteers page to read the official description of the District’s volunteer requirements, to read about the clearances you need to obtain, and to find links to the forms you need to complete.

For more information, go to the Volunteering folder in Charms, where you can read  about obtaining volunteer clearances (we have a summary guide and a detailed guide), BRBB volunteer policies, and more in-depth information about chaperoning and about driving and crewing both Middle Red and the Big Red Truck.

View descriptions of some of the volunteer roles:
General | Indoor Show | Jazz Show

The following forms need to be completed in order to volunteer for the BRBB:

To be completed every year:

  • SASD Community Volunteer and Disclosure Statement (form available on the SASD website)

To be completed every 60 months*:

  • PA Act 34 Criminal History Report
  • PA Act 151 Child Abuse Clearance Statement

The two Pennsylvania clearances are free for volunteers and can be completed online. To apply online, go to the “Forms and Links” area at the bottom of the Volunteers page on the SASD website.

  • The Federal Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) Report (including fingerprinting) is required only if you meet this criteria:

    –  You have lived outside of Pennsylvania for any part of the previous ten years.
    –  You have been convicted of an offense under §6344 of PA Act 134.

    For Pennsylvania, the CHRI clearance process is managed by a third-party company, IdentoGO. More information can be found on the SASD website

To be completed one time only (once & done):

This can be administered by the school nurse, by your personal physician, or at your workplace. For more information, see this FAQ.

There are many opportunities to serve the BRBB. 

Here are just a few examples: 

  • Chaperone – supervise students
  • Concession Stand – help sell snacks and drinks at home football games and home competitions.
  • Middle Red Driver and Crew – towing trailer with Middle Red (Gator), help load and unload equipment and help the band onto/off field.
  • Ground Crew – set up on the field and load/unload truck
  • Baker – provide 24 individually-wrapped baked items for concessions
  • Miscellaneous jobs for special events such as the Evening of Jazz (jazz band home show), Music in Motion (indoor home show), and the Band on the Run 5k.

Volunteer signups are handled through our student portal, Charms. You can access Charms through a web browser or through their app.

Either way that you choose to access it, you can volunteer through the Calendar (by clicking on the hand icon shown on a particular event) or through the Volunteer menu item. 

You can access the volunteer options at any time on your own. In addition, there may be times where we will send an email with a link to an event that still has openings or to alert you that a new event has been added.

To browse all volunteer openings:

  • Go to Charms – you can log into your student’s account – or just use the public view (SAHSBRBB)
  • Go to the Volunteers from the menu
  • Click on the drop-down list and scroll to see all of the events that require volunteers 
  • Select a date and click the “Show Volunteers” button
  • Enter your name, email address, and cell phone number (this is so that we can communicate with you about the event)
  • Click the “Enter” button (on the web) or the “Volunteer Now” button (in the app)

To sign up for a particular event:

  • Go to Charms  – you can log into your student’s account – or just use the public view (SAHSBRBB)
  • Go to the Calendar
  • Click on the Hand icon
  • Enter your name, email address and cell phone number (this is so that we can communicate with you about the event)
  • Click the “Sign up” button (on the web) or the “Volunteer Now” button (on the app)

We realize there are times when you may not be able to help out at an event that you had signed up for and need to CANCEL. In those cases, please send an email to the Volunteer Coordinator, and they will remove you from the signup. We appreciate you notifying us promptly so that we can try to fill the slot you vacated.