Scrip and Student Credit

ShopWithScrip and ScripNow

Use your regular, everyday shopping to raise $ for the BRBB and to help pay for your student’s marching band, drumline, or color guard expenses. 

To see all participating retailers and the rebate amount that is offered by each retailer, visit

Local grocery store gift cards, such as Giant, Hennings and Landis, are available, too, and can be picked up right away, if needed.

  • Giant gift cards (5% rebate) are available in $25, $50, and $100 denominations. Search for Giant BRBB. 
  • Henning’s gift cards (5% rebate) are available in $50 and $100 denominations. Search for Henning’s. 
  • Landis gift cards (5% rebate) are available in $25, $50, and $100 denominations. Search for Landis Supermarket.

Orders for plastic cards are processed on Mondays after 5:00 p.m. This allows the Scrip Coordinator to pick them up early Friday mornings for distribution.

Families need to work with the Scrip Coordinator to determine the best way to pick up the plastic cards or grocery cards. Some options are:

  • Pick up at Scrip Coordinator’s house
  • Scrip Coordinator drops off at family’s house, if needed.
  • Scrip Coordinator’s marching band member gives them to the student whose family purchased them.

It’s easy to start—read How to use (PDF) for information on establishing your family account and setting up PrestoPay. Then complete and return the BRBB Program Agreement (PDF).

You can also learn about MyScripWallet, which allows you to order electronic gift cards on the go using their mobile site. 

To request use or disbursement of Scrip funds, complete this form

Tip for Indoor students – Although Scrip cannot be applied to pay for the yearly activity fee, you can withdraw Scrip funds and use those funds to pay for that fee – or you could apply Scrip balances towards the Wildwood trip.

Student Credit

Use the student credit you earn from participating in the wreath sale and flower sale fundraisers to pay for BRBB-approved expenses, such as BRBB participation fee, trips, and director-mandated uniform components.

When students participate in a designated fundraiser, they are allocated a certain portion of the profit from the fundraiser. These funds are an allocation of internal BRBB funds; they will not be paid out directly to students or families under any circumstances.

To authorize payment from your student credit account, complete this form.

Difference between Student Credit & Scrip

You can use Student Credit to pay for certain expenses. You can use Scrip to pay for anything. 
See comparison of these programs below:

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Student Credit

  • Can be used to pay for approved expenses

  • Student credit accumulated through specific fundraising opportunities.

  • A certain portion of the profit from the fundraiser is allocated to the student account.

  • There can be no direct payout to students or families


  • Can be used to pay for anything

  • Scrip dollars accumulated through rebates from purchases you make.

  • You designate the % allocated to the BRBB and the % you get back.

  • Scrip is your money; it is not limited in its use.