PPD (Tuberculosis) Skin Test Information

If you have any questions about the PPD test or if you would like to confirm that your results are on file with the district and are current and valid, contact Bonnie Miller.

All SASD Program Volunteers—and nearly all BRBB Volunteers are Program Volunteers. Visit the District Volunteers page for information on who is a program volunteer.

You must have this test administered before you begin volunteering. There is no grace period.

  • Your personal physician.
  • Any other qualified test provider.
  • At any SASD elementary school.
  • Contact any elementary school nurse to arrange for a free PPD skin test.
  • Call the school nearest to your home and ask for the school nurse. Telephone numbers are listed on the SASD website for each school.
  • Send an e-mail. E-mail addresses are listed in Directory on the SASD website.
  • If you have the test administered at an SASD school, the nurse will submit the results. PPD results are maintained in a central list by the district. You do not need to do anything else.
  • If you have the test administered anywhere else (for example, by your personal physician or at your workplace), submit a copy of the results to a school nurse.

As of the 2015-16 school year: One time only. This is now a “once and done” test. (In previous years, certain conditions required you to repeat the test. That is no longer required.)