Volunteer Job Descriptions

Provide baked goods for concession stand (24 individually wrapped bake items).  Please note: this does not count toward your volunteering hours.

Responsible for making sure all band members are where they need to be. Will be responsible for carrying a first aid backpack. Will help with moving band instruments/equipment, if needed.

Concession Stand
Help serve food at football games and indoor shows.

Concession Cash Box
Responsible for working the cash box at football games and home shows. Must be good with numbers and making change.

Concession Clean Up Crew
Will come in towards end of football games and indoor shows to help clean up concession stand.

Middle Red Crew
Gator carries the drum major stands and water cooler. Please, volunteers must be able to lift equipment.

Middle Red Driver
Needs a truck with towing capability to tow the trailer. Please, volunteers must be able to lift equipment.

Prepares/serves meals for kids.

Pickup Pretzels
Pickup and pay for pretzels (get receipts so you can be reimbursed by treasurer) from Philly Pretzel Factory in Souderton. Deliver pretzels to concession stand.

Truck Driver
Drives the truck that carries the band and guard equipment.

Truck Crew
Loads and unloads band and guard equipment and props. Please, volunteers must be able to lift equipment.