Flower Sale

Spring is in the Air! Despite all the nor’easters that keep coming our way, it is time for the BRBB Annual Flower Fundraiser. These hanging baskets are beautiful and last a long time!

Questions? Send a message to Maria Picciotti at flowers@soudertonbigred.org.

Quick facts

  • Plants are $20 each. Choose from eight varieties.
  • Students will earn $5 in Student Credit for each plant sold.
  • Orders are due Friday, April 13th.
  • Payment is due Friday, April 13th.
  • Pickup: Friday, May 11th, 5-9 pm at Billy Culp’s house, c/o Maria Picciotti. 424 Beck Road, Souderton.
  • Checks: Payee should be BRBB. Write Flower Sale in the memo line.

What to do

Step 1: Advertise!
Buyers can choose from eight flower varieties. Descriptions and pictures are on the flyer. Hand out paper, e-mail the PDF, and share it on social media.

Step 2: Take orders, collect payment, and track your sales
Keep track of who bought what and how much they’ve paid you. Print this PDF file and use it to record your sales.

Step 3: Turn in your Order Summary Form and payment (due Friday, 4/13)

    1. Fill out the Order Summary Form.
    2. Put the Order Summary Form and the payment for your entire order into an envelope.
    3. Mark the envelope Flower Sale — Your Name.
    4. Put the envelope in the Red Box.

Step 4: Pick up and deliver (Friday, May 11th)
Date/time: Friday, May 11th, 5-9pm
Location: Billy Culp’s house, c/o Maria Picciotti — 424 Beck Road, Souderton PA.