BRBB Open Positions

The following volunteer positions need to be filled for the 2020-21 Season. You can indicate your interest by signing up via Charms.

Browse the descriptions below and then click on the button on the right to go to the signup. 

Executive Committee Openings

The prefix EC will appear in the sign-up to indicate this is an Executive Committee role that requires a commitment for the full season.

Click on the links below to read about roles and responsibities.

Standing & Special Committee Openings

The prefix SSC will appear in the sign-up to indicate this is a Standing & Special Committee Opening which may or may not require a full season commitment. See below for details.

Intermittent, but full year:
  • SSC – Band Store – Purchase and keep inventory of band apparel and other spirit-wear items and coordinate sales of all special order band jackets.

  • SSC – Uniforms – Distribute band uniforms and maintain distribution list, organize and maintain uniform closet collect band uniforms at the end of the season coordinate with tailor and dry cleaners (committee)

  • SSC – Restaurant Nights – Plan and execute several restaurant fundraisers. Recent fundraisers included Margarita’s, Chick-Fil-A and Domino’s.

  • SSC – Website Editor – Update Souderton Big Red Band website, as needed.

  • SSC – Charms and Google Coordinator – Manage the Charms system and create/manage Google user accounts and Google Forms. Candidates can work out how they would like to divide duties, but would ideally serve as backup for each other.
Fall Season only:
  • SSC – Friday Night Feasts (Sept-Nov) – Purchase food and organize volunteers to feed the band kids every Friday night (after school and before football games).

  • SSC – Wreath Sale (Oct-Nov) – Plan, organize, and operate the wreath sale in the Fall.

  • SSC – 5K Race (Nov) – Plan, organize, and operate the 5K race in the Fall. (committee)
Winter Season only:
  • SSC – Evening of Jazz Show (Feb/March) – Plan, organize, and operate the Spring Jazz competition. Also, coordinate spiritwear order in the Fall.

  • SSC – Bingo (March) – Plan, organize, and operate the Bingo event in the Spring (committee)
Spring Season only:
  • SSC – Music in Motion Indoor Show (April) – Plan, organize, and operate the Winter Guard and Drumline competition.

  • SSC – Flower Sale (Apr-May) – Plan, organize, and operate the flower sale in the Spring.

  • SSC – Scholarships (Mar-Apr) – Establish criteria for selection of annual scholarship recipients.

  • SSC – Harleysville Fair Parking (May) – Plan, organize, and oversee parent and student volunteers to support the Jaycees with their Fair parking in the Spring.

  • SSC – Band Banquet (May/June)- Plan, organize, and operate the Spring band banquet that is held for students across all band organizations in the high school.
Summer Season only:
  • SSC – Concert Sundaes – Plan, organize, and operate concessions for the Concert Sundae event assigned to the BRBB, as well as recruit sponsors for the donation requirement.

*Only open positions are listed here. For an idea of roles that may become available in the future, click here to view the Standing & Special Committees tab on our Who’s Who webpage. 

Why get involved?

New friendships are waiting to be formed, as you work together for a common goal.

Your kid needs you – share this unique experience with them!

The Band needs you – it takes many hands to run a large organization like this.

It’s fun and rewarding! – Memories are waiting to be made.

EC Descriptions

1. Shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the organization.
2. Shall preside at all Executive Committee meetings and general membership meetings.
3. Shall serve as ex-officio member on all committees except the Nominating Committee.
4. Shall cast the deciding vote in the case of a tie during general membership meetings.
5. Shall appoint all standing and special committees not specified in the By-Laws and deemed necessary to fulfill
the business and activities of the organization, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.
6. Shall represent the organization at appropriate community and/or school meetings or shall appoint a representative
to attend such meetings on his/her behalf.
7. Shall coordinate reservation of meeting places with the Band Director.
8. Shall appoint a Financial Review Committee prior to the June general membership meeting.
9. Shall be in communication with the band director and all other officers of the organization.
10. Shall enforce the observance of the By-Laws of the organization in accordance with ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER.
11. Shall, upon the approval of the membership, authorize any and all payments due.

1st Vice President
1. Shall attend all Executive Committee meetings and all general membership meetings of the organization.
2. Shall perform duties in the absence of the President.
3. Shall assist the President in the organization’s administration.
4. Shall fill the office of the President upon his/her resignation
5. Shall recruit and encourage active participation of all parents/guardians of the associated groups.
6. Shall act as chairperson for the Nominating Committee.
7. Shall act as chairperson for the Fundraising Committee.
8. Shall assist the President in acting as liaison officer between the BRBB and the SAHS administration on all
matters including but not limited to use of school facilities for BRBB-related activities.

2nd Vice President
1. Shall attend all Executive Committee meetings and all general membership meetings of the organization.
2. Shall perform duties in the absence of the 1st Vice President.
3. Shall fill the office of the 1st Vice President upon his/her resignation.
4. Shall assign any assistants as deemed necessary, coordinate concessions, refreshments, and meals as needed and
work with other school organizations as required, including:
a. Stadium events (Celebration of Bands, football games, etc.)
b. Indoor shows (indoor guard and percussion, jazz)
c. Art and Soul
d. Playoff games
e. BRBB parent events
f. Marching band dinners
g. Other events as designated by the Executive Committee

1. Shall attend all Executive Committee meetings and all general membership meetings of the organization.
2. Shall organize and coordinate all chaperone requirements in cooperation with the Band Director.
3. Shall be responsible for the storage and transportation of equipment for the associated groups.
4. Shall coordinate a list of adult chaperones, truck driver and helper, and Middle Red driver and helper, and
designate individual responsibilities.
5. Shall perform other duties as requested by the President.

Recording Treasurer (Accounting Background Preferred)
1. Shall attend Executive Committee Meetings only when needed to cast a tie-breaking vote on Executive Committee actions.
2. Shall attend all general membership meetings of the organization.
3. Shall have direct access to organization bank statements, documentation of cash receipts and disbursements, and all fundraising records, in order to review all income and disbursements and to prepare written itemized reports of all financial activity of the organization on a monthly basis. The monthly reports shall be available to all
organization members and shall include an itemization of expenses and profits from each fundraising activity.
4. Shall be responsible for preparing all federal and state tax forms as required by law, to be signed and filed by the President and the Treasurer.